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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany


Welcome to the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany or FUUSA (few-sa) as we affectionately call our congregation.

Our welcoming spirit is the first thing visitors notice about us. Whether by telephone or walking through the front door, we seek to make everyone feel our congregation can be their home too. Whatever your race, gender, affectional orientation, age, or family status, we welcome all free seekers of truth and meaning here.

Many people start coming to our congregation because of our FUUSAexcellent religious education program for children. From the crib to college, we have age appropriate instruction and activities that stimulate the mind, engage the heart and shape the character toward the good. We want our children to discover and develop their own spiritual resources and moral compass that will help guide them through life as adults.

The depth of our members’ commitment to social responsibility attracts others. We value putting our faith in the inherent worth and dignity of every person into action in our downtown neighborhood, in the corridors of power at the state capital, in Washington, and at the global level. Unitarian Universalists strive to work for a world community with peace and justice for all.

We meet on Sunday mornings to excite the human spirit and inspire its growth and development. The words from the pulpit are offered in the same spirit as our religious educational goals: to stimulate the mind, engage the heart and shape the character toward the good. As a non-creedal congregation, any authority I have will be found in the ability of my words to move and persuade the listener.

This web site will help you learn a great deal about us but the only way to know if it will fit your needs is by coming by to visit Sunday morning and letting us welcome you. The greatest strength of our congregation is our vital and nurturing religious community. The hidden, transforming power that animates our congregation is the web of relationships that are constantly being created, sustained and deepened.

I look forward to welcoming you personally and supporting and encouraging you on your religious journey with us.

Faithfully yours,
Rev. Sam Trumbore