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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany


Past sermons, when available, can be found below. Click on any heading to sort that column alphabetically or by date.
Past Sermons
Date Presenter Title Text Audio
02.07.21 Rev. Sam Trumbore The Evolution of Community PDF
01.31.21 Rev. Dave Weissbard Is You Got Good Religion\? PDF
6.2015 Rev. Dave Weissbard Musings of a Dinosaur PDF
01.24.21 Rev. Sam Trumbore Queer Theology PDF
01.17.21 Rev. Sam Trumbore & Jaye Holly Racial Healing PDF
01.03.21 Rev. Sam Trumbore Imagine What Could End, Resume, and Begin! PDF
12.13.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Nature's Stillness PDF
12.06.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Remembering To Be Still And Know PDF
11.08.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Healing the Nation PDF
10.28.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore What Democracy Looks Like PDF
10.18.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Democracy Under Threat PDF
10.04.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Listen Within for Beyond PDF
09.27.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Return to Love … Again PDF
08.09.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Socially Engaged Buddhism and Racial Justice PDF
03.08.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Valuing Truth More Than Power PDF
01.29.20 Rev. David Weissbard Driven by Fear PDF
01.12.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Beloved Community PDF
01.05.20 Rev. Sam Trumbore Reflecting Backward Planning Forward PDF
10.20.19 Leah Purcell Who's Are You? PDF
09.15.19 Rev. Sam Trumbore Stop Human Extinction PDF
08.04.19 Leah Purcell What I Learned on My Sabbatical PDF
06.23.19 Rev. Dick Gilbert What Are the Limits to Religious Freedom? PDF
03.10.19 Rev. Sam Trumbore What Will You Pack? PDF
03.03.19 Rev. Sam Trumbore Road to Jerusalem PDF
02.24.19 Rev. Sam Trumbore & Patti Jo Newell Earning Trust PDF
02.03.19 Rev. Sam Trumbore Intersectionality Trust Community PDF
12.09.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Mystery: Of the Conception PDF
12.02.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Mystery: Of the Light PDF
11.11.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore America: The Glorious Vision PDF
11.04.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore America: The Minority Report PDF
09.30.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore How To Keep the Heart Open – In Hard Times PDF
09.23.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Finding Truth and Meaning On the Margins PDF
09.16.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore The American Tradition of Dissent PDF
04.29.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Emerging Hope: Glimpses of the Promised Land PDF
04.15.18 Eileen Casey-Campbell Emerging Hope: Who Gets Saved? VIDEO
04.08.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Tenth Anniversary Slideshow PDF
03.18.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore A More Perfect Union – 10 years later PDF
02.18.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Why Did You Doubt? PDF
02.11.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore & Eileen Casey-Campbell Joy of Fasting PDF
02.04.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Order Disorder Reorder PDF
01.28.18 Rev. David Weissbard Surviving Fantasyland PDF
01.21.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Collapse of the Enlightenment Era? PDF
01.14.18 Eileen Casey-Campbell No Justice No Peace PDF
01.07.18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Intention Does Not Equal Impact PDF
12.10.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore The Holy Flame of Life PDF
12.03.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore When the Yule Log Won't Light PDF
11.05.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Vulnerable Humanism of the Heart PDF
10.22.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore After 500 Years, is the Reformation Over? PDF
10.01.17 Eileen Casey-Campbell Losing Our Heroes PDF
9.17.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Expanding Our Welcome PDF
7.9.17 Sigrin Newell The Upside-Down Intelligence of Plants PDF
5.28.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore National Bird: The Automation of War PDF
5.14.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Margaret Fuller PDF
4.30.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Seeking Other Worlds PDF
4.09.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Money-Changers in the Temple PDF
3.19.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Honoring Agnosticism PDF
3.5.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore The Altruist's Dilemma PDF
2.26.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore What Can I Expect? What are the Limits? PDF
2.19.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Rescuing a Jesus for Liberals to Love PDF
2.12.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Faith in Group Selection PDF
2.5.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Strong Identity Supports Diversity PDF
1.29.17 Rev. David Weissbard Conscience and Compromise PDF
1.22.17 Rev. Sam Trumbore Our UU Prophetic Message PDF
12.4.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Minimalist Christmas? PDF
11.6.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Voting Our UU Values PDF
9.25.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore UU Bible Study PDF
5.8.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Celebrating the Life of Clara Barton PDF
4.24.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Climate Change … and You … and Us PDF
3.20.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Liberation Through Salvation PDF
3.13.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Liberation Through Witnessing Impermanence PDF
3.6.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Developing Cultural and Theological Competence PDF
2.28.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Fulfillment of Desire (through asking) PDF
2.21.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Cultivating Healthy Desire PDF
1.31.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Defiant Heretics PDF
1.24.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Respecting Black Bodies PDF
1.3.16 Rev. Sam Trumbore A Complaint Free Challenge PDF
12.13.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Not Making Things Worse-A Middle East Reflection PDF
12.6.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore A Season of Anticipation PDF
11.8.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Pluralism of the Sacred Harp PDF
10.25.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Humanistic Buddhism PDF
10.11.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Freedom and Fulfillment through Letting Go PDF
10.4.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Twenty-first Century Humanism PDF
9.27.15 Rev. Merdith Garmon How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Spirituality PDF
9.20.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore What Does Forgiveness Require PDF
5.24.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Healing Moral Injury PDF MP3
5.17.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Making Sure Black Lives Matter MP3
5.17.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Making Sure Black Lives Matter MP3
5.10.15 Rite of Passage Participants All of Hold a Piece of the Truth MP3
5.3.15 Dan Berggren Appleseeds: The Words of Pete Seeger MP3
4.26.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Making a Commitment to Climate Justice MP3
4.19.15 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ashley New Year of the Trees: Of I and Thou MP3
4.12.15 Rev. Joe Cleveland Our Inner Fish MP3
3.29.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore I'm Gonna Let it Shine MP3
3.22.15 Leah Purcell and Anna Brewer and Adrian Cattell Homegrown UUs MP3
3.15.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore The Journey to Jerusalem PDF MP3
3.8.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Pentecostal UUs? PDF MP3
2.22.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore Selma: The UU Backstory PDF MP3
2.15.15 Leah Purcell and Matt Edwards and Rev. Sam Trumbore A Season of Carnival MP3
2.8.15 Al Berzinis and Jan McCracken and John Sherman This I Believe PDF MP3
2.1.15 Rev. Trumbore Faitheist? PDF
1.25.15 Rev. Trumbore Fulfillment Through Passing the Bucket PDF MP3
1.18.15 Matt Meyer Love Power and the Song at Sea MP3
1.11.15 Rev. Trumbore Fighting for Lost Causes PDF MP3
1.4.15 Rev. Trumbore Getting Real With What's Real MP3
2014 Sermons
Date Presenter Title Text Audio
1.5.14 Rev. Trumbore On Being Wisely Compassionate MP3
1.12.14 Richard S. Gilbert Whatever Happened to the Common Good? PDF
1.19.14 Rev. Chris Antal Nuclear Numbing MP3
1.26.14 Rev. David Weissbard American Exceptionalism? MP3
2.9.14 Rev. Douglas Taylor Three Things We All Need MP3
2.23.14 Rev. Trumbore Jesus…A Zealot? MP3
3.9.14 Rev. Trumbore UU…Brand? PDF MP3
3.23.14 Rev. Dr. Lynn Ashley Springtime of the Soul: Lent and Jihad MP3
3.30.14 Rev. Priscilla Richter The Spiritual Geography of Life's Journey MP3
4.6.14 Rev. Trumbore Choosing to be Free MP3
4.13.14 Rev. Trumbore Freedom Under Stress MP3
4.27.14 Senior High Youth Childhood MP3
5.18.14 Ann Lapinski and Mike DeVolder This I Believe PDF
5.25.14 Diane Cameron Never Leave Your Dead MP3
6.15.14 Rev. Chris Antal Droning On MP3
7.6.14 Sue Stierer The Baby the Bathwater and Me: A Cleansing Faith Journey MP3
7.13.14 Rev. Beth Dana Wanderer Worshipper Lover of Leaving MP3
7.20.14 Wellspring Participants Wellspring Reflections MP3
7.27.14 Sigrin Newell The Symbolism of Flowers MP3
8.3.14 Karen G. Johnston Reflections on Small MP3
8.10.14 Rev. Dr. Tom Chulak The Reunion of the Separated MP3
8.24.14 GA Attendees Love Reaches Out MP3
9.14.14 Rev. Trumbore Overcoming Betrayal of Faith PDF MP3
9.21.14 Philomena Moriarity Things Might Go Terribly Horribly Wrong MP3
9.28.14 Rev. Trumbore A Second Chance PDF MP3
10.5.14 Rev. Trumbore A Sensual Faith PDF
11.2.14 Rev. Trumbore Hindered by Doubt MP3
11.9.14 Rev. Trumbore Rescued by Love PDF MP3
11.16.14 Rev. Trumbore Poisoned by Craving PDF MP3
11.30.14 Rev. Dr. Tom Chulak Being Generous MP3
12.7.14 Rev. Trumbore Missing You PDF MP3
12.14.14 Rev. Trumbore The Lamp Will Keep Burning PDF MP3
12.28.14 Rev. Dave Weissbard Us and Them PDF MP3
12.28.14 Rev. Dave Weissbard Do Humanists Have Souls and Do They Want To? PDF

2.3.13,Dave Munro,Spiritual Deepening in the Second Half of Life,PDF,
2.17.13,Rev. Trumbore,Expanding Gender Identity,PDF,
5.9.13,Rev. Trumbore,Loyal Heretics,PDF
9.25.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,UU Bible Study,
5.8.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Celebrating the Life of Clara Barton,
4.24.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Climate Change … and You … and Us,

3.20.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Liberation Through Salvation,PDF
3.13.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Liberation Through Witnessing Impermanence,PDF
3.6.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Developing Cultural and Theological Competence,PDF
2.28.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Fulfillment of Desire (through asking),PDF
2.21.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Cultivating Healthy Desire,PDF
1.31.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Defiant Heretics,PDF
1.24.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Respecting Black Bodies,PDF
1.3.16,Rev. Sam Trumbore,A Complaint Free Challenge,PDF
12.13.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Not Making Things Worse-A Middle East Reflection,PDF
12.6.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,A Season of Anticipation,PDF
11.8.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Pluralism of the Sacred Harp,PDF
10.25.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Humanistic Buddhism,PDF
10.11.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Freedom and Fulfillment through Letting Go,PDF
10.4.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Twenty-first Century Humanism,PDF
9.27.15,Rev. Merdith Garmon,How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Spirituality,PDF
9.20.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,What Does Forgiveness Require,PDF
5.24.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Healing Moral Injury,PDF, MP3
5.17.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Making Sure Black Lives Matter,, MP3
5.17.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Making Sure Black Lives Matter,, MP3
5.10.15,Rite of Passage Participants,All of Hold a Piece of the Truth,, MP3
5.3.15,Dan Berggren,Appleseeds: The Words of Pete Seeger,, MP3
4.26.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,Making a Commitment to Climate Justice,, MP3
4.19.15,Rev. Dr. Lynn Ashley,New Year of the Trees: Of I and Thou,, MP3
4.12.15,Rev. Joe Cleveland,Our Inner Fish,, MP3
3.29.15,Rev. Sam Trumbore,I’m Gonna Let it Shine,, MP3
3.22.15,Leah Purcell and Anna Brewer and Adria