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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany


For a printable list of the groups and contacts listed below, click here. To contact any of the people listed below, please call the church office at (518) 463-7135, or send an email addressed to admin@albanyuu.org.

Group Chairperson or Convener
COUNCILS (elected)
Program Coordinating Council (PCC) Patti Jo Newell
Religious Education Council (REC) David Quist
Social Responsibilities Council (SRC) Jean Poppei
Endowment Trust (elected) Todd Thomas
STANDING COMMITTEES  (Committees and Board appointments established in bylaws)
Committee on Professional Ministry
Finance Dick Brewer
Membership Peter Brown
Nominating  TBD
Personnel Linda Hunt
Stewardship  TBD
Chalice Lighter Ambassador Peggy Sherman
Childcare Coordinator Paula Brewer
UU Connections Peggy Sherman
Interfaith Impact Liaison Don Odell
Reception Coordinator Jan Satin
UUSC Liaison Elena Reynolds
COMMITTEES (Board appoints chairperson) 
Annual Fellowship Dinner Bob Franklin
Building and Grounds Dave Metz
Caring Network Eileen Hoffman
Flower Committee Sandy Stone
Fun(d)raising Chris Jensen
Gardening Paula Moskowitz
History and Archives Pat Bailey
Inclusion Team TBD
Joy Library Sally Knapp
Lifespan Learning Paula Brewer
Partner Church Dave Metz
Public Relations Patti Jo Newell
Religious Services Dawn Dana
Safe Congregation Response Team Jean Poppei
Art and Aesthetics (Building and Grounds) Terry Way
Fun(d)raising: Auction Randy Rosette, Linda Hunt
Fun(d)raising: Holiday Bazaar Sigrin Newell, Karen Kaufmann
Fun(d)raising: Wine and Cheese Tasting TBD
Lifespan Learning: All Sides Considered (Current Events) Jim Schlembach
Lifespan Learning: Meaning Matters Rev. Trumbore
Lifespan Learning: UU Wellspring-Sources  Mary Myers, Ann Lapinski
Lifespan Learning: Wellspring-Faithful Action Dave Munro
Membership: Continuing Connections Team Don Odell
Membership: Mew Member Integration TBD
Membership: Welcome Team Barb Manning
SRC: Black Lives Matter Ed Hancock
SRC: End of Life Choice Task Force Nancy Willie-Schiff, Thayer Heath
SRC: Focus Food Pantry Liaison Patty Burch
SRC: Green Sanctuary Chris Bystroff
SRC: Peace Team Ed Hancock
Albany UU Humanists Don Odell
Bridge No chair
Channing Circle Kathy Hodges
Choir Kathy Harris
Circle Dinners Martha Musser
Men’s Group-Monday  Chuck Manning
 Men’s Group-Sunday  Don Odell
 Pastoral Care Associates  Randy Rosette
Philosophy Discussion Group Larry Gambino
Philosophy Discussion Group Larry Gambino
Projects and Quilts (Ps & Qs) Jan Satin
Small Group Ministry Rev. Trumbore
UU Weekend at Silver Bay Meredith Mercer
Walker Book Club Linda Hunt