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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany

Online at Albany UU

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Albnay UU’s online resources:
Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact the church office at 518-463-7135 or admin@albanyuu.org

Church DB:
Use to find member contact information, check your contributions/pledge status, submit events for the church calendar, sign up for egroups, and more!

  • On the Albany UU homepage, there is a link to log on to Church DB on the right side of the page towards the bottom. Look for the yellow Church DB button.
  • Click this button to go to the log on page.
  • If you know your User ID and Password, enter them on this page and press “Login”.
  • If you have never logged in or forgot your User ID and Password, click on the button below next to “Retrieve User ID or Password”.
  • Once you are logged in, use the menu options on the left to navigate to the directory, financial information, egroups, etc.

Church DB Egroups:
Use to communicate with various committees, programs, and activity groups that operate at Albany UU.

Click here for detailed instructions on using egroups

Important Reminders for Egroups:

  • Remember when you reply, that you are replying to the whole group, not just the person who sent the email. If you need to send a personal response, delete the email group from the “to” line, and add the individual people you want to contact.
  • Important: To send to a group and extra individuals at the same time, put the group email address in the “to” line, and the individuals in the “cc” line. Do not put everyone in the “to” line, or it will not send. You cannot send a message to multiple groups at the same time. Copy the message and send to each group individually.
  • Church DB groups do not have moderators the way the old groups do. If a message bounces back to you, it is your responsibility to correct the problem cited. You can contact the office if you are not sure how to correct the problem.
  • If you get a response saying that you cannot send messages to the group because you are not a group member, you need to update your information in Church DB so that it has your correct email address. Or, you need to add yourself to the group. See attached instructions.

Church DB Calendar:
You can use the calendar to schedule events and resources. While requests will need to be approved by the administrator before they show up on the calendar, this is where to enter all the details for your reservation.

Click here for detailed instructions on adding an event to the calendar.

Setting up online payments (recurring pledges and one time gifts):

  • Visit the online giving section of the Albany UU website here.
  • Set up an account through our secure banking partner, Vanco. To set up a recurring payment for next year’s pledge, simply set the start date to July 1 or any date after this. It is your choice when you want the money withdrawn from your account.
  • Enter the amount of the recurring withdrawal you want to create, and set up weekly or monthly payments. You can also make one-time payments if you prefer.
  • Albany UU can handle automatic transfers from your bank account or a debit to your credit or debit card. You have the option of adding a small % to cover the costs of using a credit card.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the office at 518-463-7135.