Handbook for Parents and Caretakers 2015-16

In Summer Session, children of different ages engage in cooperative play.

Welcome to our program of Religious Exploration. Many Unitarian Universalists come to the religion as parents who feel a need for a religious community in which to experience a time and place that is different from the activities of the neighborhood and school. Our Unitarian Universalist tradition requires all of us, even children, to be seekers of truth and meaning as we understand it.
Indigo outside D and Sammie

In our program, the children and youth learn that there are many sources to use to develop their beliefs. The curriculum includes learning the wisdom of the major world religions as well as Humanism and earth based traditions; learning the value and need to engage in social justice; and experience ways to understand personal experiences as sources and tools for faith development.

We encourages children and youth, in age appropriate ways, to question as part of their learning. The adult RE volunteers are the guides and fellow travelers on this journey with the young people. Adults help frame the explorations with Unitarian Universalist values, and each person’s responses are honored and valued as a resource for all.

I’d like to support you and your family along your path. Feel free to call on me.

In faith,

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Youth Group packs up donations for HUGGS to their old friends. Youth Group packs up donations for HUGGS to their old friends.