Dear Volunteers

Many thanks to those who have volunteered to lead Sunday school classes. I had a wonderful webinar recently on “Why and How to Do Spiritual Preparation for Leading RE”. I’d like to share these 3 take-aways for you to consider.
1. One of your roles is to prepare a container where the children and youth can grow their faith
2. You need not be an expert in anything – including # 1 – to teach effectively
3. Volunteering in RE is a wonderful contribution to the congregation AND also a spiritual practice
I’m continuing my spiritual practice of blessing the classrooms each Sunday morning as I set out materials –that you all might know that you have dignity and worth; that you make space for all the events that will transpire that morning and be present each one; and that your time together be of merit to the group, to our congregation and to the world. Singing_BowlI also set out a chime or bowl on the shelf in the upstairs and downstairs classroom hallways and I invite those of you who are preparing in the classrooms before the children come to ring the chime and pause for a moment to gather your thoughts and set your good intentions for your time in Sunday school.
Finally, here’s a link for your consideration to 6 mindful practices that take less than one minute