Workshop Rotation – January 2015

Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit. Workshop Rotation  is a special way of offering Sunday school that gets children excited about coming each week. We offer Workshop Rotation for the month of January.

In Workshop Rotation, there is a theme for the month. This year the theme is integrity and the story is the Empty Pot by Demi The Empty Pot Each week of the month, there is a presentation for all the children about the theme. We’ll gather in the Sanctuary for Family Chapel where we’ll tell the story in different ways. Then each group goes to one of the 4 workshops, each set up in a different room. In the past some of our workshops have been in calligraphy, cooking, recycling, drama and art. The groups of children “rotate” among the workshops, week by week, until each group had done each workshop. The workshop leaders adapt their workshop to the age of the children in the group that week. The regular classroom teachers act as assistants to help the children with the activity and to keep them focused. The workshops last just under a half hour.


The Workshop Rotation Committee selects the story and recruits volunteers from the congregation to lead workshops. Other details are being worked out. The children in pre-K through 2nd grade will have one set of workshops and the children in 3rd through fifth grade will have another set.


Workshop Rotation will run from Jan 4 through Jan 25 in 2015. If you are interested in presenting a workshop, contact Leah or one of the Workshop Rotation Committee members.
Pam Clements
Jan Satin
Mark Butt
Tracie Tilgner