Workshop Rotation

Sometimes you need to shake things up a bit. Workshop Rotation  is a special way of offering Sunday school that gets children excited about coming each week. For the month of January, the children in pre-school through 5th grade -– the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Indigo groups will be having Workshop Rotation for Sunday school. This is a special time of the year when we “suspend” the regular curricula to engage children in different ways and offer adults in the congregation an opportunity to share a special skill they have.
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This year the theme is the stewardship of water, in keeping with the Green Sanctuary Committee’s initiative to educate the congregation about hydrofracking.

Here’s how it will look.
• Each Sunday in January, there will be a Family Chapel in the Sanctuary from 10:00 to 10:30. I’ll tell a children’s story related to stewardship of water. It will the same story, but told in a different way each week. You can read the story at Children in Pre-K through 3rd grade attend with their families. Older children sometimes like to attend “on their own”.
• After Family Chapel, the upstairs groups (Red, Orange, and Yellow) will go upstairs for their workshops. We’ll have 4 groups by dividing the Orange group in to two groups – Kindergartners and First Graders and we will create 4 rooms for the groups by using the room divider in room 24/25. We’ll have 4 workshop leaders, one in each room. Each week the groups will participate in one of the 4 workshops – a different one each week. Four groups, four weeks, four workshops – voila!- Workshop Rotation! We’ll create a schedule of the rotation of workshops so parents, children and teachers know where to go each week. I am working with Jessica Semon and Anne Marie Haber from the Green Sanctuary to plan a music workshop. We also have Megan Vrooman leading a workshop in exploring and experimenting with water; Chris Chapple and Carol Young will lead a movement workshop; and Terry Way will lead a water color workshop. The workshops’ activities help children connect with the theme that clean water is important and valuable. Each of the groups will have one of the regular teachers will go with their children to the workshops each week to assist the workshop presenters.
• After Family Chapel the Green and Indigo Groups will meet downstairs in Room B-3/4. We thought it would be nice to offer several ongoing projects for children to choose from each week, since some children are naturally active, and others seek out quiet things to do. That way the children will be occupied and engaged. Here are the specifics:
The double classroom B-3/4 will be the large project – making a rain barrel to donate to a local agency. Members of the Green Sanctuary will be working with the children on this.
Room B-6 will be the Interconnected Web of Life Room with science projects, lead by Traci Tilgner.
Room B-1 will be an art room with water color, lead by Scott Knox.
Each week the whole group of 3rd-5th graders will first gather in room B-3/4 to hear the choices. Some of the regular RE volunteers will help with the big projects. We will also need parent volunteers downstairs each week to help Scott and Tracie and to be a hall monitor. If you’d like to be a parent helper one or more Sundays, leave a comment here.
• Workshop Rotation ends at the regular Sunday school time – 11:20
• Children and youth in grades 6-12 will have their regular Sunday school program from 10:00 to 11:20. And the Nursery and Toddler Rooms will be open as usual.

Leah Purcell