Religious Education

A Story On Differences and Community

The Blind People and the Elephant, a tale from India, this version by Donelle Blubaugh and adapted Long ago six people lived in a village in India. Each was born blind. The other villagers loved them and kept them away from harm. Since the blind people could not see the […]


Come into the circle of love and friendship. Come into the community of justice and goodnes.  Come and you will know peace and joy!

Service to Service

Each year, while the Annual Meeting is taking place after the service, the Religious Education Council sponsors a service event for children, youth, and adults who are not members. This is a great opportunity for parents to attend the Annual Meeting while their children are engaged in meaningful activities. This year the […]


RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness

The 3rd through 6th graders have created an RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness and they are taking action! They are learning about the causes of hunger and homelessness and how to plan a compassionate response. And they need your help! This summer the children started packing “care […]

What is Beautiful? – Wisdom Tale for “This I Believe” Service

What is beautiful? By Etan Bortzer (adapted by Leah Purcell) I wonder what’s in the wonder box – a butterfly… … a butterfly with deep colored wings. Do you think it’s beautiful? What about a peacock with it many bright colored feathers? Or how about a bunch of red, yellow, […]

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in RE

My Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in RE 10. Learn new skills in a team setting. Each team has at least two experienced volunteers and one or two who are new to volunteering. And I offer coaching to on how facilitate groups of children and youth. New volunteers assist an […]

Worm Composting at Sunday School and at Home 1

Feeding and taking care of the worms has become a ritual in many of the Sunday school classrooms. This spring we hope to harvest the castings (worm poo) for gardening projects this spring. The children have also learned that worm composting helps eliminate a good deal of garbage disposal. Not only […]

worm bin

Workshop Rotation is Coming in January 2015

Workshop Rotation is an opportunity for children to discover more about how best to connect with their own inner voice, be open to the gifts of the world, and how to serve needs greater than their own. Workshop Rotation is a way of doing RE that gives more adults in […]

Ways to support those in Ferguson and closer to home

RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES Here are some more resources children and families to learn about issues related to Ferguson and create spaciousness in our hearts for all that is happening there. If you haven’t seen it already, this link gives age appropriate ways to talk about Ferguson. . As […]


Children can learn body prayers

A Body Prayer for All

Here is the body prayer I shared with the congregation this fall. I adapted this one which I learned from from Rev. Dr. Thomas Owen-Towle You can do it standing or sitting. I hope you give it a try and I invite you to adapt it to suit your practice. […]

Monthly Family Chapel – Part of our Sunday morning programming

• For children in pre-school through 5th grade and their parents and for other interested adults in our congregation. • The first or second Sunday morning of each month, each with same monthly theme as the regular services.   Family Chapel is an opportunity for children and their parents or […]

Our chalice is lit in Family Chapel

The Unhurried Journey

When we adults think of children, there is a simple truth that we ignore: childhood is not a preparation for life; childhood is life. A child isn’t getting ready to live; a child is living. The child is constantly being confronted with the nagging question, “What do you want to […]