First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany

Multi-generational Ritual of Remembrance and Renewal

Multi-generational Ritual of Remembrance and Renewal in response to recent racial violence in the US – July 10, 2016 As I wrote this,  we adults were responding to the recent killings in Baton Rouge, LA; Falcon Heights, MN; and Dallas TX.  With the help of my DRE colleagues on line, I […]

Loving is helping


A Story On Differences and Community

The Blind People and the Elephant, a tale from India, this version by Donelle Blubaugh and adapted Long ago six people lived in a village in India. Each was born blind. The other villagers loved them and kept them away from harm. Since the blind people could not see the […]

Service to Service

Each year, while the Annual Meeting is taking place after the service, the Religious Education Council sponsors a service event for children, youth, and adults who are not members. This is a great opportunity for parents to attend the Annual Meeting while their children are engaged in meaningful activities. This year the […]

Come into the circle of love and friendship. Come into the community of justice and goodnes.  Come and you will know peace and joy!

Recipe for Meditation for Beginners on Desire

We’ve been using some meditation practices in Sunday school for children of all ages. I think this recipe would be yummy and nourishing for anyone. Try it with your child, reading the imagery aloud. Your children also might be interested in the Insight meditation timer for your phone or computer. […]

Taking the Complaint Free Challenge

What’s wrong with complaining? Here’s some hits to help you explain the Complaint Free Challenge to children: It’s ok to be disappointed. But remember that things always change. You can change the way you think. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” […]



UU Jams – Sunday school with workshops on the theme of the month (grades 3-6)

What does UU Jam look like? • After the story in the service until 10:40: All the children in grades 3-6 gather together in the large classroom downstairs for focused check in; a spiritual practice; and a review of the story from the service. With input from the kids and […]

Forum and Resources on Responding to Hate and Violence at School

RESOURCES FOR RESPONDING TO HATE AND VIOLENCE AT SCHOOL You may have heard common advice to children and youth about speaking up (or not) when they encounter bias at school. “Say something to the person”; “Think about your emotional and physical safety.” “Don’t hit or threaten or cry.” “Tell a […]


RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness

The 3rd through 6th graders have created an RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness and they are taking action! They are learning about the causes of hunger and homelessness and how to plan a compassionate response. And they need your help! This summer the children started packing “care […]