Religious Exploration – Sunday Morning for Children and Youth – and You

Sunday mornings are an opportunity for trusted adults to join with fellow travelers in exploring new thoughts and ways of doing things in a journey of Unitarian Universalist faith development. Let’s think of RE as Religious EXPLORATION instead of Religious Education.

This exploration is filled with moments of wonder and sharing. Time spent on this journey is unique in a world where children and youth receive relentless messages of materialism, oppression, and conformity. Fellow travelers form a covenant to make the journey sacred.

What can we do now that we have a fully staffed program?

  • Create uniquely caring and inclusive communities that come about only when children and youth are able to build relationships with trusted guides.
  • Offer adventures every week that are hands on, fun, meaningful and different than what children experience elsewhere in their lives.
  • Offer Our Whole Lives, our comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality program at the Junior High and Elementary levels
  • Allow our most of dedicated guides to have 2 or 3 Sundays “off” each month. (Our Whole Lives facilitators and High School Advisors serve regularly twice a month)
  • Offer opportunities for children and youth to engage in service projects and learn about social justice on UU’s in Action Sundays.
  • Change lives, even save lives – yes, often children and youth need to spend time in our safe and sacred places in order to survive outside our UU communities.

Find out more about the adventures we’ll offer and the RE calendar for this fall.

In joyful service,