Religious Exploration at Home and Sunday School– Saying “Yes!”

On supporting parents, Rev. Max Coots writes, “I suggest that we focus more sharply on the economic use of our time and drop the things better done by public school and social service agencies [and] educate parents in the profound problems and questions of both their lives and those of their children… and make our [curriculum] come alive because we have opened up persons in a devotedly loving framework to themselves, their world and whatever loving framework to themselves, their world and whatever mystic realities we believe exist and operate in and around us.”
This may seem like heady talk, but Rev Coots continues, “But may I add, relax with it! God knows you have too little time, too great a vision and too little ability. Relax with children and teach them the only thing you have to teach them anyway: Yourselves.”
What I hear so often from parents is that they have so little time to relax with their children, but they do want a strong family life in order to help their children cultivate compassion and be to resilient. The quotes above came from an essay Rev. Coots wrote in 1966. So while it seems like the pace of life is incredibly fast now, this is a not a new issue.
Our congregation is here to help you open yourself up in a loving framework. We would like to help you say “yes” to your own life and to our community.
I’m offering an 8-week Small Group Ministry for Families called “Evensong for Families” on Wed evenings this fall to help families identify and articulate their values to their children and to build community among families. At the time I write this, many families have told me that they are interested in participating, but that Wednesday evening doesn’t work for them. We’ll see if I get enough interest to have a Wed evening group. But I’d also like to know what evening you can commit to, if you’re interested. We have to work around previously scheduled events at church, but maybe we can work something out. What if I offered this again in Jan and Feb? Let me know if that time of year works for you and if so, what day(s) of the week you’re available. My Sunday afternoons are busy with Rite of Passage and committee meetings, but perhaps someone who has participated in a previous session of Evensong for Families would like to lead a Sunday afternoon session.

Welcome to the Green Group - 3rd graders

Welcome to the Green Group – 3rd graders

Other things you can do to promote Unitarian Universalist values at home:
• Read and ask the Drive it Home conversation prompts about each Sunday school I provide in my weekly emails. (The prompts that I send out on Thursday are for the upcoming Sunday.)
• For the Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue Groups, which use Tapestry of Faith program, there are follow up activities called “Taking it Home” for each group each week on line.
o Orange (K/1):
o Yellow (2nd grade):
o Green (3rd grade):
o Blue (4th/5th grade):
• Consider what it means to your child when you remind them, “Make good choices today!” Get specific! Point out where you can what good choices look like, in your own life and what they might look like for your child.
• Pick up and use a set of Backpack Blessings at FUUSA (see article in this newsletter)
• Join the parent support group I lead on compassionate communication in the Sanctuary after each Family Chapel.
• Troll around my blog for previous posts on parenting intentionally as a UU as well as helpful information like the RE calendar for the year and course descriptions.
• If you’re on Face Book, but you’re not already in FUUSA News and Updates, “friend” me and I’ll add you to the group.
I’m looking forward to a fun and beneficial year as we say “Yes!” together and grow in Unitarian Universalism.
In joyful service,
Home Nature Altar

Home Nature Altar