Letting Go – the Theme for October

letting_go_by_bandico-d5s1eyh Wisdom from Soul Matters
We cling. We cling to the idea of being “good parents”. With the best intentions, we strive to give our children what we grasp for ourselves: success, safety, society’s standards of beauty, personal desires to be accepted, perfectionism, duty, and with that often come fear, grudges, hurts, hopes, stuff, shame. Whether the object of our grasping and striving is good or bad is not, as we learn, truly the issue. It’s the grasping itself. That’s the real problem, even in parenting. Holding on too long and too tightly takes us out of the moment and thwarts our efforts to make genuine connections with the little people right in front of us. So our faith pleads with us, “Let it go!” for the sake of our own souls and for the souls of our children.

But here’s the twist: Our faith follows that up quickly with “Let it in!” This spiritual dance takes a two-step. Letting go must be followed up by reaching out. Or maybe it’s better to say opening up. It’s really about making room.

Parents and caregivers so often feel locked into schedules of work, school, sports and other activities, caring for elders, social activism and the need for down time at home. But Albany UU can be a place that your family can come and be renewed and restored and also live out your values.

Ironically the busier we are, the more we need to set time aside to pause and reflect. So I encourage you to let go of the things that you can, and then see how much room you have for our religious community. With regular attendance in RE, children become familiar with our rituals and traditions; their lessons are more meaningful because of the continuity in their religious explorations; and they get the message that their parents and caretakers believe that Albany UU an important and valuable place to be. Children who come to RE three or more Sundays each month benefit greatly because they are able develop trusting relationships with other children and adults. But coming regularly 2 times a month is enough for children to develop a sense of community and also enjoy their time here. Of course, the rituals you develop at home, the discussions you have and stories you read also foster your child’s religious identity and exploration, so that coming even once a month regularly can be a blessing for you and your family.Family lighting chalice_4551art1
Stories, Sties and Songs to Help You Let Go