A Blessing for You – “The Lake’s Promise”

Newberry Award Winning Poet Joyce Sidman describes blessings as “a bestowal of favor or thanks upon anything that makes one glad” Here is a blessing from her book Where the Heart Knows

Lake’s Promise

I am the lake. I wait for you with cool, blue arms and silver face.

My wavelets lap, my pebbles gleam where once you left your barefoot trace.

Out in the world, you grow, you change, you lead your busy life apart

while here, the stillness folds and sinks around my deep, unchanging heart.

Return to me and I will wash your cares from you, O restless one.

Return from hurry, clash and noise to drink the air and taste the sun.

Floating free in dizzy rings of clouds and sky, of fir and moss,

with mystery beneath your back you’ll find whatever you have lost.