RE Job Descriptions

RE Job Descriptions

Adopted from Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M. Strong, Minister of Religious Education


Lead Volunteer

  • The person who, in rotation with other teachers, is responsible for the preparation and execution of the weekly lesson; preparation takes about 1-2 hours for each session. With a team of 4, each team member can expect to lead once a month and assist once a month


  • Greets the children and youth as they enter and who is prepared to teach when classes begin


  • Stays in the classroom until about 11:30 until all the children have left the classroom


  • The person who, with the  Assistant, cleans up the classroom at the end of the session


Assistant Volunteer

  • The person who, in rotation, assists the lead teacher with the execution of the weekly lesson


  • Shares the responsibility of being in the classroom to greet the students and who stays until they have all left the room


  • May be the one-on-one contact with a distressed or disruptive child/youth so the teacher can continue the lesson plan


  • Assist in cleaning up at the end of the session


  • Accompanies children to the bathroom if necessary




  • A helper is called upon as needed for special activities and often in younger grades when an extra adult benefits the flow of the session. The Helper is not in the rotation of the team that serves as Leaders and Assistants


  • Assists the children in activities in the classroom


  • Helps children understand directions


  • Helps distribute snacks


  • Assists in cleaning up after activities and snacks


  • Ties shoelaces


  • Sits by a child who needs support


  • Accompanies children to the bathroom if necessary


  • Helps the children get ready to leave the class when the session is over

About Leah

Leah and her husband, Kevin Purcell, live in Albany. They have two grown daughters that were raised at Albany UU. Leah has served as DRE at Albany UU since 2007; before that she worked in both private and public schools. She served as Chair of the Seaway Chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and now serves on the LREDA Board.

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