Update on YUUth Group Activities

For incoming 9-12th grade youth:
1. This summer the group plans to paint and decorate their new meeting space – room 23 upstairs. That room will be pretty much their own and not used for other meetings. I’ll let you know when the painting/pizza party will be.
2. I have planned a kick off social event on Sat Sept 24 with youth from the congregations in Albany, Schenectady, and Kingston here at Albany UU (Kingston is now part of our newly renamed Hudson-Mohawk cluster of UU congregations). That night they will be Skyping with youth from three UU congregations in Westchester County who will also be having a social gathering.
3. I’m planning some sort of event for high school youth at UU Weekend at Silver Bay – Sat, Oct 15. 12226943_10153200035916630_2015381846829225189_n I’ll be soliciting input from youth for that.
4. The Schenectady UU congregation will be offering OWL for senior high on Wednesday evenings this fall at their congregation and Albany youth are invited. I’ll have more details on that in Aug.
5. Sat Nov 19 there will be a social justice/learning overnight event centered around hip hop music and racial equality with the three Hudson Mohawk youth groups and the Westchester youth groups.

About Leah

Leah and her husband, Kevin Purcell, live in Albany. They have two grown daughters that were raised at Albany UU. Leah has served as DRE at Albany UU since 2007; before that she worked in both private and public schools. She served as Chair of the Seaway Chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and now serves on the LREDA Board.

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