Recipe for Meditation for Beginners on Desire

content young man sitting meditating in comfy chair

content young man sitting meditating in comfy chair

We’ve been using some meditation practices in Sunday school for children of all ages. I think this recipe would be yummy and nourishing for anyone. Try it with your child, reading the imagery aloud. Your children also might be interested in the Insight meditation timer for your phone or computer. It’s the app that I use and so does Rev. Sam and so do some other Albany UU’s. So you’d get to see when we’re meditating too.


• A time in the day and place where you can be uninterrupted for 10 – 25 minutes.
• A chair in which you can sit up straight comfortably with your feet flat on the floor
• A timer
• A notebook and pen (optional)


Take your time reading this first part before you set your timer:

Sit in the chair upright. If you can, keep your back away from the back of the chair. Or rest your back gently against the back of the chair. Put your feet flat on the floor. Take a moment to settle in. You can wiggle your bottom, stretch your back, roll your head or your shoulders gently, scrunch your fingers gently and release them.

Still your body movements. Breathe naturally. Take note of the temperature of the room. Take note of the sounds you hear – perhaps; the refrigerator, a clock; people moving and talking in another room; traffic or birds outside. Remind yourself that you have set aside this time for yourself – for your well-being, for your spirit, and the yearnings of your heart and mind.

Now feel the weight of your body in the chair. Feel the weight of your feet on the floor. And now imagine the earth beneath your feet – the earth which grounds us and can absorb all our stress. Imagine a tunnel beneath you going deep into the earth. Imagine calm and warm energy flowing from deep inside the earth coming into your feet and filing your body. The energy gently swirls up through your legs into your core. It moves up your back, through your arms to your fingers. Your body is filling with the gentle earth energy. It swirls around your heart; it moves up your neck into your head. Energy continues to flow from the earth, up through your feet, filling your body.

Imagine the energy starting to flow out of the top of your head. It swirls around you. The energy forms a big ball around around you. It’s like you’re in a great big snow globe, with green sparkling energy gently floating round you. You’re sitting in the energy held in by the globe.

Now bring your attention back to your body and to your breath. Where are you feeling your breath – in your belly? Your chest? Your throat? Your nose? Select a spot to focus on. Breathe gently.

In a moment, you’ll turn on your timer. While the timer is on, focus on your breath moving in the part of the body you’ve selected. You can count your breaths going in and out 1,2,3,1,2,3,1…When you find that your thoughts have drifted away from your breath, just gently bring your attention back to the breath and to counting.

Now set your timer for between 7 and 20 minutes. Return to this reading when the timer goes off.

Now that the timer has gone off, take a few deep breaths. Focus on the weight of your body in the chair. Feel your feet on the floor. Bring to mind that snow globe of green, swirling energy around you. Imagine the wall of the globe dissolving and releasing the energy. Imagine the tunnel from the earth below you gently closing. Imagine the earth energy still swirling gently in you. Imagine it being absorbed into your body.

Put your palms together and bring your hands to your chest. Perhaps you’re feeling gratitude at this moment – for the power of the earth, for the power of your mind or spirit; for your situation which allows you to spend this time in meditation.

Take up your journal, if you like. Consider this prompt: What is one thing that you want. In the midst of all the obligations ahead of you, what one desire do you want to make room for?

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Leah and her husband, Kevin Purcell, live in Albany. They have two grown daughters that were raised at Albany UU. Leah has served as DRE at Albany UU since 2007; before that she worked in both private and public schools. She served as Chair of the Seaway Chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and now serves on the LREDA Board.

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