UU Jams – Sunday school with workshops on the theme of the month (grades 3-6)

What does UU Jam look like?

• After the story in the service until 10:40: All the children in grades 3-6 gather together in the large classroom downstairs for focused check in; a spiritual practice; and a review of the story from the service. With input from the kids and guidance from the teachers, the children are sorted into two groups – one group for each of the 2 workshops on the theme.
• 10:40 – 11:05: Jams (workshops) in downstairs classrooms– hands on activities lead by volunteers from the congregation to share their special skill or interest related to the theme of the story. RE volunteers help the leader and participate in the workshop too.
• 11:05 – 11:20: Regather in the large room for sharing experiences of the workshops, songs and closing ritual.

What special skills or interests are you looking for? 1609238_10202566099981305_89667365_o
Dance, yoga, movement, music, art, drama, crafts, social justice and service, nature, science, gardening, UU history, spiritual practices, making just about anything. I’ll help congregants tailor their workshop to the theme of the month.

Why UU Jam?
• Fun, engaging and meaningful for both children and adults.
• Invites sharing and reflection.
• Uses hands-on activities
• Promotes interaction among children of different ages
• Easy commitment for adults in the congregation who want to share a skill with the children (1-2 Sundays a month)
• Age-appropriate; kids this age are better at doing multi-age groups and moving from room to room than younger children.

When do we start?!
January of 2015 and we’ll run through the spring. Contact me if you’re interested in being a workshop leader.

About Leah

Leah and her husband, Kevin Purcell, live in Albany. They have two grown daughters that were raised at Albany UU. Leah has served as DRE at Albany UU since 2007; before that she worked in both private and public schools. She served as Chair of the Seaway Chapter of the Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and now serves on the LREDA Board.

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