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UU Jams – Sunday school with workshops on the theme of the month (grades 3-6)

What does UU Jam look like? • After the story in the service until 10:40: All the children in grades 3-6 gather together in the large classroom downstairs for focused check in; a spiritual practice; and a review of the story from the service. With input from the kids and […]


Forum and Resources on Responding to Hate and Violence at School

RESOURCES FOR RESPONDING TO HATE AND VIOLENCE AT SCHOOL You may have heard common advice to children and youth about speaking up (or not) when they encounter bias at school. “Say something to the person”; “Think about your emotional and physical safety.” “Don’t hit or threaten or cry.” “Tell a […]

Stories, Sites and Songs on Letting Go

Story The Parable of Nuss and Nagib Letting Go of the Pressure to Produce & Letting in a Little Useless Play Try one of these sites: Create Interactive Generative Art Make Virtual Sand Sculptures Design Textures and Patterns Songs Weightless by Becca Stevens Band Throw It Away by Abbey Lincoln

RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness

The 3rd through 6th graders have created an RE Social Justice Club on Hunger and Homelessness and they are taking action! They are learning about the causes of hunger and homelessness and how to plan a compassionate response. And they need your help! This summer the children started packing “care […]


Foster our children and youth in becoming justice-seekers

Summer Social Justice Club seeks your help. Children ages 9 – 13 are learning about hunger and homelessness in the Summer Session of RE – and they are taking action! Seeing homeless people at traffic stops has made the children curious and inspired their compassion. In Summer Session of RE, […]

Summer Reading for ‘Tweens and Teens to Spark Ideas and Ideals of Spirituality

Summer is a time for freedom and imagination. Here are reading lists that treat, inspire and challenge tweens and teens. What would you add from your own or your child’s favorite books? For kids in 4th-7th grade: • One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia • Number the Stars by Lois […]

Our chalice is lit in Family Chapel

Talking to Children About Charleston

Studies show that young children, even babies, do notices differences, including skin color. And, as you’ve surely experienced, children notice and learn things from other people and the media about all kinds of things, even ones that you might not expect, so in light of the murders in Charleston, I’ve […]

What is Beautiful? – Wisdom Tale for “This I Believe” Service

What is beautiful? By Etan Bortzer (adapted by Leah Purcell) I wonder what’s in the wonder box – a butterfly… … a butterfly with deep colored wings. Do you think it’s beautiful? What about a peacock with it many bright colored feathers? Or how about a bunch of red, yellow, […]

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in RE

My Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer in RE 10. Learn new skills in a team setting. Each team has at least two experienced volunteers and one or two who are new to volunteering. And I offer coaching to on how facilitate groups of children and youth. New volunteers assist an […]