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Our Whole Lives for Children – Values and Goals

Values Underlying the Curriculum: 1. All children should be loved and cared for, respected and valued as unique individuals. 2. Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living. Children learn about sexuality beginning at birth and continue to learn throughout their lives. 3. Children learn about sexuality from how […]

RoP at ASC

Rite of Passage

This program helps our 9th and 10th grade youth to articulate their own beliefs and values and to understand what it means to embrace Unitarian Universalism as an adult. RoP is separate from the Youth Group program and youth and mentors must apply to participate. Students are paired with an […]

The Story of Easter – a version for Unitarian Universalist families

Many of us happily celebrate the birth of Jesus and welcome the Christmas spirit into our homes, but we have a hard time with the resurrection story of Easter and its message of sin and salvation. Lots of us enjoy secular traditions like dying eggs and giving Easter baskets and […]