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Annual Report
Read the 2019-20 Annual Report.
A note about navigating the Annual Report online: Each item in the table of contents is linked to the first page of the corresponding report. To get back to the table of contents, simply click anywhere on last page (or only page) of that report.



textingWe are launching a new and simple way to give to Albany UU!

Simply text the amount and fund to 844-976-2618. There’s a quick and easy set up process and you’re good to go!

There’s a helpful video to watch with step by step instructions. There also a written guide with visuals.

We have three different funds to text to at the moment: Sunday Offering, Focus Food Pantry and Pledge. The default is Sunday Offering so if you don’t indicate anything different, that’s where your gift will land. To choose one of the other options, simply type, for example, 20 focus or 20 pledge and $20 will go to one of those funds. There is a limit on how many times you’re able to use the texting option in a 24 hour period which seems to be twice in one day. I’ve tested this and it works pretty slick! If you have any questions, please contact me, Tammy Hathaway at


theremometerPlease Answer Our Survey

The Green Sanctuary Committee is measuring how committed the Albany UU congregation is to attacking the climate emergency. We hope everyone will complete the survey on using renewable energy at:

We hope enough of you will complete the survey so that we can report the results by the annual meeting on May 17. Please do it NOW.

Thanks for your help. The climate crisis will continuing long after the COVID 19 crisis is history.

If you have questions, contact Chuck Manning at