As we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, we are in a unique position as a Faith Community. We have the opportunity to use what power we have to put into action our principles, practice and model social distancing and do our part to flatten the curve – that is, to slow the spread of COVID-19 as much as we can to avoid having our healthcare system inundated. This is our responsibility to our community and our obligation to each other.

We have moved all Sunday services and some groups online.

Use this link and password to join:
By phone +1 929 436 2866
Meeting ID: 299 018 7785
Password: 0000

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Please note that the above link can be different for other online zoom activities. Check your daily remembers for the most current information.

Find the archive of previous sermons (text files as available) here.


Albany Unitarian Universalist celebrates Unitarian Universalism–a liberal, non-creedal faith tradition that is based on a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Unitarian Universalists draw meaning from many faith traditions, embrace scientific reasoning, and express their beliefs through acts of social justice and compassion. For the second time in its history, Albany Unitarian Universalist has declared itself a Sanctuary congregation, repeating the action taken in 1984 in response to refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Albany Unitarian Universalist welcomes everyone.

Read our Sanctuary Resolution here.
Read the Covenant here.