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First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany

Collecting Albany UU Member & Friend Employee Feedback

In the late spring every year, the Albany UU staff is reviewed and evaluated.

You can help!

The primary goal of this evaluation is to offer support and appreciation for the good work our staff does.  Employees here work very hard and deserve to know how they have made a positive difference in accomplishing the mission and vision of our congregation.  Concrete, specific examples of what you have observed are very valuable to feed back to them in the evaluation process.  And you’ll feel good knowing that your appreciation will be integrated into their evaluation!

Of course there will be some dissatisfaction as well.  This survey is not primarily for collecting that information.  Anyone having a problem with an employee should talk to them directly or if that doesn’t work, talk to them along with their supervisor.  If that process has failed to address your concerns, this form can be used to report chronic issues that you have not been able to resolve.

This form requires your name.  Giving feedback carries with it responsibility for what is said since it can have both very positive and very negative effects on employees.  We are not interested in anonymous input for the purpose of employee evaluation.  AND you can ask that your input on this form be kept confidential and your name will not be shared with the employee.

Thank you in advance for you help in appreciating our great staff!     Rev. Sam Trumbore

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